GÖDEL at 12 Peers Theater

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I’m very excited to announce that 12 Peers Theater has chosen my play GÖDEL for inclusion in their Modern Myths Podcast series! A big thanks to Matt Henderson and everyone at 12 Peers!

Also a big thanks to Alexa Kelly, Brian Richardson, Leslie Steele and everyone at Pulse Ensemble Theatre for helping me make great improvements to this play through their Playwrights Lab, and also to physicist Donald Spector of Hobart & William Smith Colleges for attending a reading and helping to ensure the mathematical and physics details were presented correctly.

GÖDEL Synopsis: As Julian arrives to visit his brilliant physicist friend in a psychiatric hospital in Princeton, NJ, he finds that Richard has stopped speaking. He wheedles it out of him that it is all because of Kurt Gödel, and what this man, considered the greatest logician since Aristotle and the only person that Albert Einstein considers an equal, has proved. But to understand exactly what Kurt Gödel did prove we must delve back over forty years, retracing the story of this motley crew of mathematicians and physicists as they discover the secret of the first atom bomb, struggle with terrible prejudices within the scientific community, and risk madness to discover the mind of god.


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