Healing with Artaud

I have long felt that so many of our deepest problems, from anxiety to depression to everything in between, come from a schism between how we think and how life actually is. I also believe that this is something that art, poetry, theater can, and should, try to help heal.

This is from the preface of Antonin Artaud’s The Theater And Its Double:

“If confusion is the sign of the times, I see at the root of this confusion a rupture between things and words, between things and the ideas and signs that are their representation.”

“… a cultured ‘civilized’ person is regarded as a person instructed in systems, a person who thinks in forms, signs, representations- a monster whose faculty of deriving thoughts from actions… is developed to an absurdity.”

“If our life lacks brimstone, i.e. constant magic, it is because we choose to observe our acts and lose ourselves in considerations of their imagined forms instead of being impelled by their force.”