10 Minute Drama

Cast size: 3, 2 women 1 man  

MEDUSA is about the inevitable rise of the Powerful Woman. The play follows Medusa’s story from queen to monster to the terrifying harbinger of a new age.

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One Act Drama

running time about 20 minutes

Cast size: 4, all either gender

Jessie, fed a never-ending variety of pharmaceuticals since he was five years old, takes us on a journey into the dark heart of Western psychiatry, and into the suffering of the human soul.

Production History

Production, Theater For The New City, Dream Up Festival, 2015, NYC

Reading, Playwrights at The Grand, Williamsburgh, Brooklyn

please use contact page to request the script

HER (previous title DEMONS)                                                 

Full-length Drama

Running time about 100 minutes

 Cast size: 10, 5 women 5 men

This is an experimental play, combining dance, movement, text and imagery to try to peer into our pre-patriarchal past, and envision a future symbolized by an all powerful woman.

SYNOPSIS: CHRISTINE is haunted by the sound of the ocean. She convinces herself it’s PTSD, from watching her grandmother walk into the sea. But when her sister MARY begins to have strange visions of a powerful woman, known only as HER, she must face the truth behind her own trauma, and the possibility that her grandfather’s apocalyptic vision of the future may not be as crazy as it seems.

Production History

Reading, The Hive Theatre, Exposed Reading Series, 2014, NYC

Workshop, Pulse Ensemble Theater, Playwrights Lab, 2015, NYC

Workshop, The Dennis & Victoria Ross Foundation, 2019, NYC

Workshop, Cut / Edge Experimental Theater Collective, 2020, NYC 2020

please use contact page to request the script

KRONOS (previous title GODEL)

Full-Length Drama

Cast 8, 3 women 5 men

 As Julian arrives to visit his brilliant physicist friend in a psychiatric hospital in Princeton, NJ, he finds that Richard has stopped speaking. He wheedles it out of him that it is all because of Kurt Gödel, and what this man, considered the greatest logician since Aristotle and the only person that Albert Einstein considers an equal, has proved. But to understand exactly what Kurt Gödel did prove we must delve back over forty years, retracing the story of this motley crew of mathematicians and physics as they discover the secret of the first atom bomb, struggle with terrible prejudices within the scientific community, and risk madness to discover the mind of god.

Production History

Workshop, Pulse Ensemble Theater, Playwrights Lab, 2015, NYC,

Staged Reading, Theatre For The New City, Scratch Night Series, March, 2018

Semi-finalist, Princess Grace Award, 2019

please use contact page to request the script


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