About Me

William K Hugel grew in Central New York State. He studied English literature at Edinburgh University in Scotland and McGill University in Montreal. After leaving university he wrote two literary novels, The Dancer and The Fool (1999) and Napoleon, The Man who Found a War (2004) which was short listed for the Faulkner-Wisdom Award.

After living and traveling throughout America, William eventually adopted New Orleans as his home. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina he experienced a fallow period during which he moved to Dublin, Ireland. This was 2006, and William found himself in the midst of the new, Euro-obsessed Éire. The alienation triggered by this money mania, combined with the tragic sense of loss caused by Hurricane Katrina, unexpectedly led, after a period of creative dormancy, to the writing of a series of fables and fairy tales.

After leaving Ireland William moved to San Francisco to begin self-publishing the first three of these original fairy tales through Mystic World Press. , including handmade editions. His first release, Beautiful Wild Rose Girl, received a rave review from Children’s Bookwatch, and was awarded a gold medal from Children’s Literary Classics International Book Awards.

William now lives in Bayonne, NJ. He is currently focused on writing plays. His plays have had productions, readings, or workshops at Theater For The New City, Stella Adler, Pulse Ensemble Theater, Between Us Productions, Playwrights at The Grand and The Midtown International Theater Festival.


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