Little Ania

My children’s story “Little Ania,” illustrated by Alex Tuggle, is now featured on Ireland’s Short Kid Stories!

You can read it here:

Short Kid Stories

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A Mini-Review of Mark Dendy’s Labyrinth

Got blown away last night by Mark Dendy’s Labyrinth at The Abrons Arts Center. Mr Dendy deftly wove together Jungian archetype, cosmology, and the Theseus myth as a metaphor for individuation (with the inevitable encounters with madness along the way) wrapping it up with a powerful suggestion about the decline of patriarchy and the unstoppable and sometimes terrifying return of the feminine, organic principle. And all the while it never ceased to be wildly entertaining. This piece raises the bar for American independent theatre.

EST/Sloan’s Fall Artist Cultivation Event

Heading this evening to Ensemble Studio Theatre’s EST/Sloan’s Fall Artist Cultivation Event “What Could Make A Great Play About Science!” It’s looking to be a great night! I’m hoping to get some valuable input for my new play about Kurt Gödel, the true nature of time, and the shift from scientific Platonism to positivism. Not an easy topic to tackle on my own, so I’m thrilled about this event!