Reading of “The Oddity”

Playwrights at the Grand has selected my new play, “The Oddity,” for a reading in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. The reading will be directed by Chad Chenail, and will take place in the event space at The Grand Bar and Grill, this Wednesday October 8th, 7:30 PM. In addition, there will be a reading of Monica Giordano’s new play “Hand Grenades”, directed by Rebecca Cunningham. Please stop on by!

The Oddity” is a play about a person labeled as schizophrenic, who becomes convinced that he has been misdiagnosed, based on a cultural misunderstanding of reality. Jessie proceeds to present us with a play within a play, as he struggles to communicate where he believes things went wrong. The play’s the thing, and it catches his psychiatrist so far off his guard that he feels compelled to tell us his own story, revealing his own struggle with madness and the terrible doubts this has given him about his profession.



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